I've had the blessing to perform at a few gigs with this band. When I think of Messenger, the word "excellence" comes to mind. From their music, performance, and how they do business, they do it with excellence. Awesome band.
Love you in Christ from www.righteousrocktv.rocks
Just stopping by, heard from a friend you are Awwwwsome.
Мне очень понравилось у вас. Спасибо!!!
Saw you guys at Spotsylvania Towne Centre. You guys are great. You have a new fan.
Love your music , Thanks for putting out quality metal that glorifies Jesus. Listening to "You Choose" at the moment and loving it.
Proverbs 18: 16 A mans or a mans band makes room for, him. tom
Just wanted to let you know I've been praying for Messenger and that all is great for the band, because our Lord is great so continue to claim his precious promises . Messenger is doing Gods work, therefore your needs will be met. I'll continue to look for things for you. If God is for us , no one can stand against us. Bless you guys, Tom
I really enjoyed checking your sound out on the net. Great musicianship!!!!! :) Looking forward to the show at the Smiling Moose in Pgh! :)
Just saw Messenger's show for the first time. Go.
You guys RULE!!! My party was an overwhelming success, and your songs are full of high energy and inspiration. A light show and professionalism second to none, I truly believe Messenger is destined to play huge venue's and your energy and message, combined with a killer sound and light show is beyond words, you are simply the BEST!!! God Bless Messenger!!!
Peace. Im editor from brasilian webzine Stryke Virtual Metal Magazine & Promotion www.strikemet.com www.youtube.com/user/Bonadia1 www.facebook.com/eduardo.bonadia Please, if possible send us promo material by mail for review/ interview. Keep in touch by e-mail .Thanks in advance. GOD BLESS YOU
you guys were amazing at the 1 by youth befient i loved it!!
Yo! it's "Mushr00mhead" from COH! Killer tunes, killer site!
Great site guy's...looking forward to your interview in Beyond The Riff
LUV YOU GUYS. SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG TO PLAY YOU GUYS ON THE SHOW. http://fullarmorofgod.podomatic.com/entry/2010-12-01T15_37_21-08_00
just checkin in again!!! indeed God has blessed you guys!! i am very proud of where he has taken you! your lyrics continue to inspire and bless me! it is great to hear such a great band that is not ashamed of their risen Lord!!cant wait til we meet face to face! all His best to you always!!
I love this song. Very strong vocals and the musicians are very skilled!!!
nice work, guys...sounds great with good, clear messages delivered in classic metal/rock sound and style. Keep it going...
I was here.
yo frank,great talking to you last week! the new stuff sounds fantastic.all gods best to all of you.wishing you a christ filled christmas and praying 2010 is the year for Messenger!! take care and god bless,keep in touch
Someone just told me about Messenger, Messenger Rocks, I love all your music. Let Tim Tieff know that I said Hi.
I am listening to your music at work this early AM. My wife has spoken to me about the band, and I must admit it sounds great! The music has a classic rock feel/sound. Has an strong soaring feel. And, the music has a strong sense of Christ in it is awesome. The vocals are strong, and and the sound is tight. I pray that the music, and his message reaches the masses. Look forward to meeting you soon. Be Blessed Messenger!
Hey! I found out about you guys from Steve Rowe of Mortification (the Australian guy who started extreme Christian metal)... Anyway, I noticed you guys are located in Arlington, VA. I'm from Northern, VA as well! As a film student, I'd love to help you all in any way I can--if you need a music video made, let me know! God bless -Joseph
Saw you guys at Jaxx last night opening for Extreme, you guys sounded great!
Hi, I knew you just today, Mortification talks about you, your lyrics are great! I like you! Still preach the gospel... Blessings and greetings from México...
Keep in one accord. One mind ! Fight the Good Fight of Faith. Stay tight with each other. Tell strife to take a hike. Rip the devil a new one ! Phil Chap 2 : 1 - 5 Be Blessed
Keep it Rockin.
You guys are awesome!!! Lord bless you guys!
You guys rock! Love the site!

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