Frank grew up as a fan of Gene Simmons, Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Tony Levin and many others. His tastes grew with him to admire Andy West, Dave LaRue, Charles Mingus, Stanley Clark and John Paul Jones. There are other honorable mentions such as John Entwistle and Billy Sheehan that make the cut of his favorite bassists. But he draws his influence to play for Messenger from Hard Rock/Heavy Metal sounds and styles.

Pre-production was done in 2015. Drum tracking was finished that same year. Guitars and bass guitar ...

 We want to welcome Germany based Hellion Records 


It was a challenge to find someone to play the kind of bass lines and rhythms in Messenger's music. There is scaling, different time signatures and a lot of changes. We were looking for someone with a lot of energy and motivation. After months of searching, we found it all in Rich Sandoval.




Roy Richardson, bassist for Messenger from Summer '08 to Fall '12, retires from the band. We all hate to see him go. He sites freeing up his time and looking into other types of music as reasons for leaving. His contributions to Messenger are appreciated and we will miss his humor and remember his commitment.

   Messenger has signed with PR agency Two-Side Moon in the U.K. to spread the word in British Media & beyond of the band. European Invasion!

   Messenger met with Joseph Neigh to agree and brainstorm on a new Messenger music video. Mr. Neigh's career as a music video producer has taken flight with national record labels and he has agreed to produce and direct the next Messenger video.

   Which Messenger song do 'you choose' for the video? 'The Sacrifice' or 'End of Time'?

   It's been a while since you've heard from us. We've been very busy. There are a lot of great things happening with Messenger, but we'll save that for the next update.
   Messenger's new CD, 'You Choose', will be coming out soon. It is packed full of new sounds, rhythms, amazing guitar solos and songs that you will want to CRANK!! Part of that CD is now released as a single, 'The End of Time'. You can get the download at these stores:

 Expect something from this record, folks. Expect it to be new, solid and produced professionally. We plan to release a single ahead of the CD release. So when you hear of the single release,

   The guys from Messenger met with producer Paris Hollins of Studiohouse North in Maryland to get an idea of how to proceed in tracking and mixing the next CD. It went so well that they were able to begin mixing their first attempts of tracking. Paris was very pleased with the results of the recording. Messenger hopes to have a physical CD ready for distribution around the turn of the year. Cover art and more will be revealed closer to that time.

Heavy Metal Greetings!!

   Our latest show schedule is posted online at on the Shows/Calendar page. We have been busy writing and trying out new songs already this year and have received a positive review of our live show from Cross Driven Radio in their podcast found by clicking > HERE. They also included a review of Under Command ( thus the podcast is named, 'Back in the Thick Again!'



   What a great time. Messenger put their best show on to date. The light show was killer. The two sets went well with a crowd gathering for the first at 6:30 (Dusk). And a good group of park goers passed by and some stopped to participate and watch the show for a while. A great time was had by all. Much thanks to Wayne Hill for the great photos he took and subsequently shared with us to share on the various web sites and profiles.

It has arrived from the duplicators and will be available to purchase very soon. Again, your comments on the Blog Page about the Rulemaker video are most appreciated. Thanks so much. A CD/DVD Release Party (w/o performance) will be scheduled soon - probably September.

   Since returning from Cornerstone 2010 in Illinois this past July, Messenger: On Delivery (Live) has found distribution in a number of places. Live recordings often get poor responses from listeners and critics, but Messenger's second is not one of them.
   This CD has the Fiery Four as they now play and have settled into quite the team. 'On Delivery' captures these Monks of Metal live and loud with every Bass guitar note Roy 'R0yster' Richardson can pluck in the extended version of 'The Rapture'. Tim 'TNT' Tieff, though he plays great drum solos in concert, has chosen for this recording to be content in keeping the beat and bringing color and excitement in the great fills he creates. Frank Clifton Herring sings with the clarity expected from a prophet and on solid pitch for each song. If ever a guitarist was on in a concert, Vlad Gurin was he! Rhythms and riffs, leads and fills, sounds and tones with unbelievable color, style and precision.
   Radio and internet radio DJs, are playing 'Rulemaker', 'King of Kings extended', 'Chained' and others as they turn on their listeners to this new CD encouraged and produced by Paul Lofthus of Master's Records.
   Roxx Productions is carrying 'On Delivery' at their web store, as is Divine Metal Distro. You can also pick it up at CD Baby.
   (Click the store of your choice  and you'll go to that site.)
   Word of mouth reviews are coming in as most positive. We will post those that are published as they are published. Purchases of this CD will greatly help with us affording studio time for the next studio album for which Messenger already has the material and is still writing more great songs.

   Messenger played Cornerstone 2010 at the Sanctuary Stage July 3 2010. Our host, Dale Huffman of Metal Pulse Radio, was gracious and most kind and helpful. We passed out nearly 2500 Messenger handbills with our name and info on them. People bought CDs, T-shirts and Jewelry from Frances Hatcher who helped us tremendously with the vendor booth we sponsored for the week.
   Our set on Saturday was full and well attended. For a generater stage, the 40 or so folks who came to watch us play was considered by the facilitators to be a good number for an unknown band like ours. We look forward to all God has for us with the exposure and experience we gained here.

   Niegh Productions will be producing a concert DVD of Messenger as was videotaped at the Corrine's Kitchen Benefit Concert in January 2010. The audio track, as produced by Master's Records (Executive Producer Paul Lofthus) will be available as a CD as well. There will also be bonus features on the video.
   The CD & DVD should be released mid to late Spring '10 preceded by the release of a previously unreleased single played live at the concert. All of this before the Cornerstone Festival in which we are scheduled to play.
   Please let us know if you would like the Blu-ray Disc version of the concert. Contact us here at 

   The prestigious Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. has asked Messenger to play from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Sunday Oct. 25. at mile 16-17 on the marathon route.
   It is a great opportunity for exposure as 30,000 runners are registered and their support would make it double that number. A report to follow.

  Another great opportunity for Messenger to shine came when JAXX asked us back to open for the 80's Glam Rock band KIX. This was surely our best show ever. We played an extended set, the stage sound was good and the crowd was great.

   The Fair Show at the Show Barn went well. Good stage sound, FINALLY! The PA - run by Ben Porter - reverberated Messenger music throughout the fairgrounds. We had a lot of positive response to our stuff. We introduced a new song and it played well.

   Stay tuned for more info on the KIX show where Messenger is the 1st act at JAXX in Springfield Saturday, Sept. 12 at 8PM.

Mike Zahorchak, aka "Mike Z", brings a solid foundation to Messenger's heavy metal ...

After the Jaxx Battle of the Bands, Jaxx asked Messenger to open for the Platinum Record selling national act Extreme with frontman Gary Cherone. It all happens Wednesday August 5 2009 at Jaxx Concert Hall. Messenger goes on at 8PM. Please ask a Messenger band member for advanced tix ($23). We need to bring a crowd of Messenger's friends.
We've been given a great opportunity to play 'Unplugged' at Hot Topic in the Springfield Mall. We will playing acoustic guitars and acoustic bass guitar in the store Saturday July 18 at 5 pm. Our music will have a different tone, but as colorful as ever. Come bring some energy to the show!
We have been invited to play at the 2010 Cornerstone Christian Rock Festival! Dale of Metal Pulse Radio - Anchorage Alaska (internet) - has invited Messenger to play in his showcase under the Sanctuary tent. Wayne Johnson of Under Command, for whom Messenger opens July 17th at My Brother's Place in Waldorf, says this is a great opportunity for Messenger. He also points out that, of the different tents set up at Cornerstone, the Sanctuary tent (of Pastor Bob fame) may be the highest rated at the festival! We look forward to all God has for us in the future.

   We had a GREAT time! Each of the artists that hit the stage had a warm welcome.

   We are very thankful for the opportunity to have shared the stage with Finity Affliction, Mrs. Holmes and her Gospel Singers, MC SOHO and Host group Julie Hayono and Creation.

   Everyone played great and had good sound thanks to Ben Porter, our engineer who was there for the entire event - set up and tear down.

   Thanks to everyone who helped!

   We have posted a video from our CD release show in March. It features Roy Richardson's Bass Guitar prowess as well as great guitar licks from Joe and Vlad.

Messenger is getting off the ground with a new website with much more content than ever. With the web skills of Roy Richardson (bass guitar), photo work of Vlad Guirin and everyone's input, we have a cool looking website. Please feel free to send us a message with your thoughts about it!

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