Since returning from Cornerstone 2010 in Illinois this past July, Messenger: On Delivery (Live) has found distribution in a number of places. Live recordings often get poor responses from listeners and critics, but Messenger's second is not one of them.
   This CD has the Fiery Four as they now play and have settled into quite the team. 'On Delivery' captures these Monks of Metal live and loud with every Bass guitar note Roy 'R0yster' Richardson can pluck in the extended version of 'The Rapture'. Tim 'TNT' Tieff, though he plays great drum solos in concert, has chosen for this recording to be content in keeping the beat and bringing color and excitement in the great fills he creates. Frank Clifton Herring sings with the clarity expected from a prophet and on solid pitch for each song. If ever a guitarist was on in a concert, Vlad Gurin was he! Rhythms and riffs, leads and fills, sounds and tones with unbelievable color, style and precision.
   Radio and internet radio DJs, are playing 'Rulemaker', 'King of Kings extended', 'Chained' and others as they turn on their listeners to this new CD encouraged and produced by Paul Lofthus of Master's Records.
   Roxx Productions is carrying 'On Delivery' at their web store, as is Divine Metal Distro. You can also pick it up at CD Baby.
   (Click the store of your choice  and you'll go to that site.)
   Word of mouth reviews are coming in as most positive. We will post those that are published as they are published. Purchases of this CD will greatly help with us affording studio time for the next studio album for which Messenger already has the material and is still writing more great songs.

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