Hell is no Party


One time you shake your fist in the air, one time you shout to the sky,


One time you destroy what good could be there, one time you just got too high



God says its sin and you say ‘Oh well’

 ‘I’ll laugh with my friends when I get to hell’



Hell is no party. Hell is no fun.

You face the Maker (and eternity) in a crowd of one.

Hell is no party!



One time you deny the existence of God, one time you call Him a crutch


One time you abuse because Christians are odd, one time is one time too much



One time the Christ child came to the Earth, one time He lived kindly and just

One time God asked Him to offer His worth, one time Christ declared ‘I must’


Bridge (alt.)


Jesus paid for sin, we cannot deny


His blood was spilled. And do you know why? – Because à


 (Lead Guitar)





Wallowing in the Mire

Another day the shadows wake me, the sunlight pierced through my eyes


Is this the day the pain will take me and when it does it’s no surprise


I find my deeds bring destruction, unraveling all that I love


An evil day, will someone wake me, will someone take me, will someone SHAKE ME?!




I’m wallowing in the mire; I’m rolling in the mud.


I’m sinking deeper everyday; don’t tell me about a cleansing flood.




 I found a way to hide my sins; from God, from people, even me


My friends away - it’s me who wins, and no one else will ever see


I love this sin, but hate the shame. This back and forth may drive me mad


I get my way; I keep my sins, tell me who wins, does Christ’s blood cleanse?!




I love these feelings and I want some more


And feelings, too, I’m trying to ignore


The kind of filth a shower cannot clean


Guilt and shame that gets down in between


My flesh and heart & soul – Can I be free?


What is it that those Christians said to me?


(Chorus) (Guitar Solo) (Chorus)



King of Kings


  The Lord will return full of life, with the sword of His mouth


He rides the skies on a horse of white, smiting nations north and south


They will see Him that pierced His side, and rejected His love.


 Jesus Christ whom they crucified, justifies men by His blood





And His vesture dipped in blood He is the Lamb who bore the cross


He is the mighty King of Kings. The war shall not be lost




   Jesus Christ, whose blood was shed, for the sins of the world,


is resurrected from the dead. Now His banner is unfurled.


Satan’s armies will gather then, to battle the Lord.


 Evil men with hearts full of sin shall be slain by His sword












And though He returns with wrath and power, you can be right with Him


Just bow before the Lord this hour, and turn from your sin! He’ll forgive your sin!!



Bright and Morning Star



Though I’m in a crowd of people, I still feel all alone


 Though I seem to have so many friends, I still feel I’m on my own


Though I try to do what I think should be done


 I look at myself and my life’s on a shelf and I feel there’s no answer but one



My anger builds from deep within me, I don’t know who to blame


I remember my life as a child, will I ever be same


Will I ever see a way to be free, free from this pain?


I walk in the dark I just need a spark. Jesus Christ, He’s the hope that remains




He’s my Bright and Morning Star. He’s my Light and my Salvation


Everyone’s best dream by far. He’s the hope of all creation


He’s the Rock on which I stand. Jesus Christ knows who I am



(Lead Guitar)



When I call He answers me,” Here I am my child."


 Do not fear ‘cuz I will be with you all the while.


I’ll be here so do not fear, I died to make men free


Removing your pain and sin’s ugly stain, so that you could be here with me






Don’t Shoot the Messenger



The prophets of old   ----   Spoke the Word, - Convincing men of sin

The kings were told   ----   You’d better turn, - or face the fix you’re in


And when they didn’t like what they heard – they turned an evil eye!

And when they killed ---- The man of God, - They heard the prophet’s cry



In Him there is blessing and liberty. Forgiveness is His way


In Him there’s a ransom for you and me, new life everyday




Don’t shoot the messenger; you know I bring good news

If you feel the fear of God, You know what you must choose

Don’t shoot the messenger (or – We are the Messenger), my message - don’t refuse


Just embrace the love of God, there’s nothing you can lose  


When Christ was killed ----- Then raised again, The Holy Ghost came down


Disciples turned ----- Apostles then, - about to gain their crown


And when they shared what the Lord had done – they knew they could die


Those that killed ---- the martyrs heard, - the bold apostles’ cry


(Bridge)    (Chorus)

You & I ---- In this room, - ask ourselves today


Will we hear ---- Or face our doom, - C’mon what do you say?


And when you don’t like what you hear – don’t turn an evil eye


Just believe ---- the man of God, - Messenger will cry


(Bridge)    (Chorus)    (Solo)    (Chorus)






Forbidden Love


    I saw her there, her eyes- her hair, and her smile, shining bright

And though she’s fun, or could be the one, I hoped she was in His light

 She came to me, in hopes that we, could begin, to be a pair

But I knew, that we two, had beliefs we needed to share



We come to God with all our trouble. Can we live outside our bubble?

 Or do we believe enough just to get by?



When I know, that I know, that you’re His, I’ll be yours

When you see, that you see, He is real, He opens doors


(Bridge 2)

Wondering what we might find, questions coming to our minds,

 should we be in love without the Lord?



We can start, when your heart, has been changed, from above

We’ll know when, but until then, it has to be, forbidden love.



(Bridge 3)

She came to me with a new mind. More than loving, more than kind… I felt within my heart that she was changed!



The Rapture


When one is taken and the other is left,


- One sees Jesus and the other fears death


Chaos on one side, joy on the other - One is with Him one could’ve been a brother


Hear Jesus call with a clear loud voice,


 Calling them that made the Lord their choice


Leaving the lost & taking the atoned, calling His bride and taking her home




What a great day that will be – The great day of the Lord


What a great day that will be - The terrible day of the Lord


Woe to the world in the Rapture


Woe to the world in the Rapture



   Life is a choice between two roads.


 You’re gonna choose the way you go


One way is narrow and the other is wide.


One leads to satan and the other to Christ


God promised joy in His presence.


Once you’re in Hell it’s too late for repentance


Jesus promised a mansion in Heaven. Take the narrow road!!



Chorus     Bass Solo     Chorus









Says she cares – she says she hates


She spikes blue hair - her friendship grates


Told as a woman – told as a youth


She blames a lie on the truth


Cuts her arms and asks for help


She beats her face and leaves a whelp


Loved through Christ - Who could do more?


She kills herself. It makes me want to



 ROAR!!   ROAR!!   ROAR!!



Raised in church - he’s taught to lead


He preys on kids – his flesh to feed


Lives in shadow – he lives in light


He hides his sin and sleeps at night


Hides behind the Cross and Christ


Their innocence is sliced and diced


Word and Spirit – at his door


He spurns the truth. It makes me want to



ROAR!!   ROAR!!   ROAR!!






Chained within this unreal world of rock ‘n’ roll fantasy

The struggle goes on, what’s right - what’s wrong, confusion inside of me

I put on my mask, I strut my stuff. I’m never really there.

And people get hurt by the things I do, I never really care



Rock ‘n’ roll was my way of life. Rock ‘n’ roll was my dream

Rock ‘n’ roll had destroyed my life. Things just aren’t what they seem



Chained, chained it just wouldn’t let me go

Chained, chained somebody holds the key

Chained, chained somebody has to know

Chained, chained somebody rescue me


 “There’s new life in the Spirit if Christ”, a friend of mine said to me

“New life begins when you turn from your sins & the blood of Christ makes you free”

I got on my knees and I cried to God,” Will you save me Lord?”

Then I saw what I’d never seen I never knew I could afford


(Bridge)  (Chorus)


There in the quiet, in the dark, God’s Spirit helped me see

 The evil things that I had done - I could blame nobody but me

I searched my heart, I searched my mind. Oh God please make me clean!

I got a new start I’m no longer blind I understand now what He means


(Bridge)                (Lead Guitar)             (Chorus)



America, Why?


A little girl trapped in a well, the world watches breath by breath.

We wait to hear the newsman tell, she’s rescued from the jaws of death.


A young boy snatched away and raped, an innocent life is scarred.

The man is caught, the child escaped. We wonder whose heart is so hard.



America’s young, America’s mirth, America’s now, America’s then

           Our backs are turned before their birth. America – why do you kill the children?


 A twisted mind, a building explodes; the death count comes one by one.

Our hopes removed with the rubble load. They were kids just having fun


Oklahoma, the boy, the little girl, all drew our heartstrings as one.

The unborn child snuggled up in a curl, is somebody’s daughter or son.


(Chorus)   (Interlude)   (Chorus)

So Good



The Lord is so good


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