It has been asked, "Should you be going in those places?" What's your opinion?


David Campbell July 23, 2018 @05:29 pm
First thing I want to say is there are probably 50% or more lost people sitting in a church pew and I think that's the people that really do need to hear the word of God. Second thing is by the time the band starts playing half the people in there are probably already drunk and don't hear anything but the Beat of the Music. Then there's the the music, a lot of Christian or so-called Christian music you can't even understand the words of the song the music is blasting out so loud and distorted. Is there anything wrong with going into a bar to deliver the good news of the Lord? Not at all. Just make sure that you're delivering a good clear clean sound that the words are understandable and you can actually get the message across.
Fares November 29, 2013 @12:35 am
(might have been Chuck Swindoll), You might be the only Bible some people ever read. Still, all of us will be resonpsible, not for what we decided about Christians, but what we decided about Christ Himself.
Steve Fleming September 01, 2011 @10:28 am
Ahhh, a good subject to talk about and something that Christians are are on both sides of the fence on. What are we suppose to do according to the Great Commision that Christ laid out for us Christians? What did Christ do in reaching out to the lost? Did He sit on the side lines expecting the sinners to always come to Him. NO of course He didn't. This should be our example and guidelines to follow. We are to go out into the world to reach the lost by going where they are like Christ did who sat at the tables of sinners. We shouldn't be a Pharisee or Sadducee and put ourselves above reaching out to the lost, looking down on those who reach out to the lost, always expecting the lost to come to us on our turf. In my view, it is the greater calling from God to be in a Christian band that reaches out to the lost playing wherever they are instead of just ministering to fellow believers only. However a Christian band that does reach out to the lost playing where the lost are does need to have strong Christians as members, holding each other accountable as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are to go out into the world as Christ instructed us to do in His name, but in doing so be not of the world in how we conduct ourselves in front of those we are trying to reach for Christ. The bands that do this should always be up front to everyone that they are Christians, and be available to those who hear them play to share what Christ has done for them and can also do for them. The main question for this Blog didn't say, should a Christian bands play Night Clubs/Bars ONLY. :-) So yes kids can hear them play when they play other places. What we all need to remember is that those Christian bands who only play at Christian venues, those who play only at secular venues, and those who play at both secular and Christian venues are all on the same team called by God to be used by Him for Him. It has never been about us, but always been about Christ. God Bless.
Jeff McCormack September 01, 2011 @07:55 am
In general, yes, a Christian band should play and reach those in darkness in the bars. But not all bands are geared to be a bar band. A lot of depends on what kind of Christian band you are. If you are a band of Christians playing music written and aimed at Christians, then playing a bar is probably not the choice. If you are a band of Christians playing evangelical music aimed at the lost, then a bar type setting would be a main focus of where you should play. I look at some bands and see them as a group making music to entertain Christians; good clean music providing an alternative for Christian kids. Then there are bands that do songs more targeted at speaking a message to non-believers. So depending on which type of band you are would lead to whether you should seek to enter the bar scene.
Travis August 07, 2011 @02:12 am
So christians shouldn't go where the lost are? Dude seeing a christian band at a bar bringing the lost to christ is a true testimony. Jesus would go to the bars, he ate and drank with sinners, so should we. Don't be cowards, get out of your pews.
deborah kiser August 06, 2011 @10:15 am
Jesus did not confine himself to walking among the people who had accepted the truth. He did not judge or exclude. He reached out to everyone he could knowing that you never know the heart of a person and when they are ready for inner peace. He spoke wherever he could be heard. Why wouldn't a Christian Band play to whom ever is willing to listen?
Ben myers August 06, 2011 @10:10 am
To me, it would depind on the stranth of the band members.. But, I wound have to say yes, put pick song wisely. I played in a chrstian band in mid. 90s and played Jaxx's in springfield, va 2people got saved. Just be prayed up when you play, God Bless.
lindsay(warrior of the rock) mcmillan August 06, 2011 @07:07 am
i would say no only because the kids cant go too bars/clubs and i wouldnt even go and see a christian band at one as it is not a good testimony!!

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