Some say music is music and some say some music is from the devil. What do you think?


Evangelist TJ Servant February 24, 2016 @02:59 pm
Why should they? We are called to be separate set apart and the gifts He has given us should be used for His praise and Glory not to cover the music of this world. No one can serve two masters. I was in bondage to secular Rock and Metal as it sounds good but the message is not for God or about anything that would encourage the listener. Always yours in love and His service
Alexey November 28, 2013 @09:05 am
This isn't so far from the truth. I grew up as an Old Colony Mennonite, and this is bang-on for my family. My folks were elertmexy progressive, for Mennonites. My dad was educated to age 12, my mom to age 10. They immigrated to Canada when they were about 20 years old, as a newly married couple. See, my dad wanted to be able to see his cows when he was milking them at night. The Church disagreed with him. They confiscated his generator, and assumed ownership of their farm. My parents were excommunicated, and so they left for Canada. My dad has since made ammends with the Church, but he wanted better for his kids. We all attended public school, and either university or college. I'm currently finishing a Masters program in geology, of all things for a Menno to study. My parents gave everything they had in order to give us a fighting chance, even to the point where my dad didn't buy a single new article of clothing for himself in nearly a decade. My aunts and uncles shun us (after demanding that my folks pay to have them and their families immigrate to Canada and take care of them for several months until they find a place to live and work no thanks, no re-payment) and tell them that they've failed in every way with respect to how they've raised us. Apparently we're all doomed to hell because of the way we were raised. My siblings are: an electrical engineer, a pharmacist, a manager for a business, a cabinetmaker, a highschool teacher, a band manager, and I am a geologist. I have cousins who are wanted by the government for fraud and tax evasion, but they're perfect angels because they were raised as proper Mennos. Now, don't be so quick to assume that the blogger is exaggerating. I could tell you so many stories of abuse and ignorance. Not first hand, thank the great sky wizard. My parents had better sense. But I had an aunt who was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused by her husband. A Mennonite woman down the street was beaten to death by her husband (in Canada, too). My cousins were all used shamelessly as child labourers. I could go on, but remembering this is making me tired.
Bob Walker August 04, 2011 @03:01 am
Check out Strypers new "Covers" for the answer to that one!
JOHNNY ALEXANDERS OLIN August 03, 2011 @09:51 am
Do not conform- we are in this world now but no longer of this world loving nothing in the world because the love of the Father is in us- waste no time with music that is not Approved by the God of Abraham- The Anointing "ONLY" breaks the yoke so stay in it- Little time is left
Deborah Kiser August 03, 2011 @07:16 am
If we have a conversation with a person during the day that is not on the subject of Christian faith or about God, this does not mean it's a conversation that is from the devil or a conversation that should not take place. Along those same lines, music is a form of expression. Lyrics express feelings, history, events, wishes, dreams....all part of the human experience. Music is not from the devil. It is from the heart and soul. Just as Christians chooses the relationships that feel right for their personal values with individuals in this world, music can be chosen in the same way. Generalizing music is as dangerous as generalizing people. Each piece of music is unique, was written to stand alone and speaks to people in different ways depending on our experiences. Being a Christian is a way of life in the open world, not a tunnel. This is what I believe.

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